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Rapid Response: Show Your Support for DREAMers

As President Trump Weighs Rescinding DACA, Show Your Support for DREAMers

The Trump administration has signaled that President Trump may rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program (DACA) program. This action would leave DACA recipients, known as “Dreamers”, at risk of being deported

Ending DACA will affect the approximately 800,000 individuals in the United States who have registered for the program. They were brought here as children and have grown up here knowing no other home country but the United States. DACA has allowed them to have temporary legal status to live and work in the United States.

As the Catholic Bishops of Arizona and New Mexico stated this week, “Through DACA they have furthered their education, started small businesses and become integral members of our communities in Arizona and New Mexico.”


  • Tell the White House to keep DACA in place until Congress acts
  • Call on the Arizona Congressional Delegation to pass the Dream Act to prevent deportation of Dreamers and allow them to live normal, productive lives in the United States.

Contact President Donald Trump:

        (202) 456-6213   OR     https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact  

Contact both U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Member:

        Senator McCain (202)224-2235 or (602) 952-2410 or www.mccain.senate.gov

        Senator Flake   (202)224-4521 or (602) 840-1891 or www.flake.senate.gov

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