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Arizona Career Pathways Provides Promising Future

“VIP’s Workforce Development Project … promises to be its best work yet.”

— Framework for Peace & Justice, Spring 2008

Launching a new Workforce Development strategy in the Great Recession has not been easy, but hard work and perseverance are paying off.  A grant from the Department of Labor has allowed a VIP-sponsored non-profit to begin screening prospective students and our first cohort of students is now enrolled in health care programs within the Maricopa County Community College system.

Interfaith Group “Raises a Moral Voice” on Immigration

“The insights, compassion and humanity of Arizona’s faith community can help moderate the tone of the discussion, while applying pressure on Congress to get this done.”

— Linda Valdez, Arizona Republic Editorial, Jan 21, 2010.

Americans generally recognize that the immigration system is broken, unfair, and in urgent need of reform.  Arizona is ground zero for these broken immigration policies, and continues to pay the price for federal inaction and misguided public policy.  VIP leaders have adopted a three part strategy on the issue: protect the dignity of the immigrant family, engage citizens in civil conversations on the issue, and oppose enforcement only legislation while pressing the Arizona congressional delegation for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Faithful Citizenship, while Legislators Hunker in a Bunker

“Lawmakers have built a wall between themselves and people outside the state Capitol.  To outsiders, legislators have become shadowy figures, hunkering down in the midst of their continuing crisis, antagonistic toward anyone who encroaches on their world.  To members of the Valley Interfaith Project, this is not a healthy way to run a democracy.”

— Tom Spratt, Arizona Republic Editorial, Sept 30, 2009

VIP engages ordinary people in concerted grass-roots political action, making our faith and democratic traditions come alive.  Over the years, we have stood up for the democratic process, especially when it has been abused by those in power.  By holding our elected officials accountable, by reminding our public servants that they were elected to serve the public, VIP demonstrates that the most important office in a democracy is that of the faithful citizen.