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Valley Interfaith Project - Leader

We the People …

These words of the Constitution remain an abiding vision of a people united in a participatory democracy.  The Valley Interfaith Project in Metro Phoenix is a force for making that vision a reality.

The Valley Interfaith Project trains and empowers local citizen groups to be active participants in all levels of our democracy.  VIP engages ordinary people in concerted grass-roots action.

This “institution of institutions” is comprised of diverse religious, cultural, ethic, and economic elements from the Valley’s parishes, congregations, synagogues, and social, civic and employee groups, all of which share a common democratic and Judeo-Christian ethic and concern for quality of life.

VIP’s mission is to develop and organize people for leadership and power to make change for social justice.  VIP is an Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) affiliate, following the iron rule of community organizing:

Never do for others what they can do for themselves.