VIP believes that everyone should have access to healthcare.

After the federal government created the SCHIP or State Children’s Health Insurance Program in 1997, VIP lobbied the Arizona state government to set up Arizona’a Kids Care program.  VIP organized thousands of eligible families to enroll in the program.

When the Maricopa County Medical Center was threatened with closure, VIP mobilized 25,000 voters to support a referendum that created the Maricopa Integrated Health System.  Many VIP leaders were involved in this effort – the CASA & St. Patrick’s led the way.

VIP worked to fight methamphetamine addiction by getting cities throughout the Valley to pass ordinances limiting the sale of pseudoephedrine, the key ingredient in Meth drugs.  East Valley leaders spearheaded this effort.

Recent State budget cuts to Arizona’s Medicaid option, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, are straining Arizona’s health care system. The state approved a 2012 state budget which includes cuts up to $500 million, affecting 100,000 low-income people who were dropped from the state’s Medicare option in June 2011, and thousands of health care professionals who will lose their jobs.

VIP will pursue a restoration of AHCCCS funding for vulnerable populations, including children and the mentally ill.